Whispers of Ruby: A Crimson Prayer

Reflections on Innocence and Hope

In a world tinted in shades of red, A young girl with hearts upon her head. Tears of rubies fall from her eyes, A silent prayer beneath crimson skies.

She clasps her hands, so soft, so slight, In plea for peace, in the absence of light. The hearts on her cheeks, not just for show, But symbols of love she yearns to know.

Amidst the chaos, amidst the fray, She stands a beacon, night or day. With hope in her heart, pure and true, She whispers wishes in the morning dew.

“Grant me strength,” she softly implores, “Open life’s vast, unnumbered doors. Let love guide me, let grace be my part, And hold the world tender in my heart.”

For in her gaze, there’s an ancient tale, Of innocence that must prevail. In her silence, there’s a potent spell, In her dreams, where all goodness dwells.

So let her prayer echo far and wide, Through every valley, every mountainside. May it rise above, may it gently weave, Through every soul that dares to believe.