A versatile and innovative artist, LyssaGal specializes in combining traditional art techniques with modern digital graphic design. Renowned for her unique blend of emotional depth and cutting-edge creativity, she has been captivating audiences with her striking colors and designs.

Exhibitions & Shows:

  1. 2008 – Computer Fair (Graphic Design Category), Indiana County, PA
    • Title: “Compassionate Rabbits”
    • Award: First Place, Regional
    • Description: exhibit showcased stationary art featuring rabbits in various poses, each intricately designed to express deep compassion. This piece, which marked LyssaGal’s first major accolade, was lauded for its innovative use of digital media to convey poignant emotional narratives.
  2. 2012 – Seabrook Art Festival, Seabrook, TX
    • Description: At this prestigious art festival, LyssaGal displayed a series of works that explored the intersection of natural beauty and digital artistry. Her pieces, characterized by vibrant colors and dynamic compositions.
  3. 2012-2014 – Artwalk on Main, La Porte, TX
    • Description: Over two years, LyssaGal was a regular feature at the Artwalk on Main, captivating attendees with her evolving style. Her exhibits during this period marked a significant transition, showcasing her growing prowess in integrating digital techniques with classical art forms.
  4. 2023 – Occupy White Walls, Self-Curated Exhibit: “Queen of Hearts by LyssaGal”
    • Description: This self-curated exhibit was a landmark event in LyssaGal’s career. The “Queen of Hearts” series was a breathtaking exploration of emotions, identity, and empowerment. LyssaGal’s artistry shone through in each piece, earning high praise for its originality and emotional depth.

Education & Training:

  • Indiana County Technology Center
    • Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Indiana Area Senior High School
    • Active member of LGBTQ+ Community, Literary Magazine contributor

Continued Education & Training:

  • Khan Academy
    • Completed Special Topics in Art History, part of the ARCHES project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (2017)
  • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Engaged in the Open Learning Initiative, focusing on Visual Design (2021)
  • Arts And Crafts – StackExchange
    • Moderator helping and guiding indivduals on their artistic journey [2020-2022]