Alyssa Dawn Deabenderfer [Uh-lis-uh Dahn Dee-bin-dur-fur]

Hello everyone! This is moi.

I am guided by a muse, that leads me to create. I have always loved vibrant colors, and imagery that catches the eye. I also do find myself creating charcoal drawings as well, which I enjoy very much.

2020. “Psychedlic Flower”. Digital.

What type of Art Do You Create?
Started out loving to create cartoons at a young age. Loved the feeling of bringing happiness to people through art.
At age fifteen I began taking classes at ICTC (trade school in Pennsylvania) in graphic design. Learning about color theory, logo design, typography, file preparation.

The feeling of being able to create art through computers was an awe inspiring experience. Creating art through fonts, symbols, and imagery, became an obsession. There is always a desire to create whether it is through a computers, paper, or paint. A muse is always trying to get out. Try to seek what the muse exactly is telling me.
My goals with this page/blog/art page.
As for myself, I would love to open an art gallery one day, whether it is in a small studio, or a online blog page. I want to share art with the world, as well as my own creations.
~LyssaGal(Lyssa Gallery)