Alyssa Dawn Deabenderfer
Uh-lis-uh Dahn Dee-bin-dur-fur

Can You Tell Us A Little About Yourself
Started out loving to create cartoons at a young age, roughly five to six years old. My mother recalls me having a great interest in art as young as two years of age. My father was a professional painter, and helped criticize my work as I got older. Still to this day, he has been a major influence in my development of art.
At age fifteen began taking classes at ICTC (Indiana County Technology Center) in graphic design. Learning about color theory, logo design, typography, file preparation. The feeling of being able to create art through computers was an awe inspiring experience. Creating art through fonts, symbols, and imagery became an obsession. There is always a desire to create whether it is through a computer, paper, or paint. Graduated at age 18 from ICTC with high achievements in Graphic Design and File Preparation.
Into adult-hood participated in numerous art community collaborations, live art performances, and socializing with the art community in The Greater Houston Area. Currently learning 3D art, sewing, as well as sculpting.

What Artists Inspire You?
There is an extensive list of artists that inspire my art. There are numerous people that are well known, and also unknown. The unknown has inspired me the most through the journey in life. The known artists have given perspective of popularity and wealth. My mentors that never gave up on my desire to dream, even when it felt dismal. They are my true inspiration to keep going.

My partner of 12 years
Mom & dad, step parents, brother & sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Visual Artists: Amy Brown, Alex Grey, Gin Lizzy, Andy Warhol, Klimt, Schiele, Vincent Van Gogh.
Musicians: Tori Amos, Tool, Bishop Briggs, Grandson, FKA Twigs.

My Goals With This Page/Blog/Art Page:
As for myself, I would love to open an art gallery one day, whether it is in a small studio, or a online blog page. I want to share art with the world, as well as my own creations.
~LyssaGal (Lyssa’s Gallery)