Can You Tell Me About Your Childhood?

I came from a town of 500 people called Marion Center, Pennsylvania. It is a rural area of Pennsylvania about 60 miles north-east of Pittsburgh, PA. The scenery I remember the most as a child was cornfields and agricultural surroundings. Cows, horses, and Amish were a common place. I would find myself outdoors creating art with a stack of paper, and a pencil. Spent my time indoors and outdoors, winter and summer.

Typical rural Pennsylvania scenery. Photography by Jason Pischke

Creating stories, books, and funny cartoon characters. I would also spend hundreds of hours playing on Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo, and customizing color settings on video games -mostly RPG’s(role-playing games). I found this is as a funny way to annoy my older brother because I liked playing with the hex code colors so much. (haha!)

My quirky and silly self in the mid to late 1990’s

My Parents: My mother recollects me having a great interest in art as young as two years of age. My mother making sure I had enough paper supplies to keep my mind busy. Whether it was back of restaurant ads, or napkins. She was always digging in her purse to try to find a pen to keep my mind occupied when we were out. My mom had a fascination with photography, and was always documenting our lives with photographs. My father was a professional industrial painter, and helped criticize my work as I got older. Still to this day, has been a major influence in my development of art. With my extreme learning disabilities, my father would commonly help assist me in drawing by grabbing my hand, and showing me how to properly make shapes such as stars, or 3D cubes. Invested in grips on pencils to make it easier for me to hold a pencil. Earlier years him and I would commonly sit at our kitchen table and draw funny faces with each other, and write stories.

Education & Experience

At age fifteen began taking classes at ICTC (Indiana County Technology Center) in graphic design. Learning about color theory, logo design, typography, file preparation. The feeling of being able to create art through computers was an awe inspiring experience. Creating art through fonts, symbols, and imagery became an obsession. There is always a desire to create whether it is through a computer, paper, or paint. Graduated at age 18 from ICTC with high achievements in Graphic Design and File Preparation.

My experience of boosting knowledge in the graphic design field in a small business, La Porte Tool Box. Helped assist and communicate with team members of the etiquette and fundamentals of graphic design to help boost advertisements on paper and social media platforms.

Open source learning has been pushing force in my knowledge of art such as Khan Academy involving ARCHES (At Risk Cultural Heritage Education Series) In 2021, Carnegie Mellon University, Open Learning Initiative, Visual Design

Coordinated together with community artists. Collaborated and helped expand the art walk on Main in La Porte ,TX. Involving live art performances, selling art, and socializing with the art community in The Greater Houston Area.

What Artists Inspire You?

There is an extensive list of artists that inspire my art. There are numerous people that are well known, and also unknown. The unknown has inspired me the most through the journey in life. The known artists have given me perspective of popularity and wealth. My mentors that never gave up on my desire to dream, even when it felt impossible. They are my true inspiration to keep going.

My partner of 13 years, K
Mom & dad, step parents; Kath & Bruce, brother & sisters; Michael, Hanna, Carrie and Tristan, cousins(too many to name) aunts, and uncles; Kathy, Terry, Betsy
My friends and mentors: Susan(Trinity), Robyn, Tim, Amanda, Sara, Hilary, Mr. Vinton, and Mr. Krecota

Visual artists (present) : Gin Lizzy, Yofukuro, Hera Herakut, Anna Tsvell
Visual artists (past): Klimt, Schiele, Vincent Van Gogh, Francis Bacon
Visual artists (their concepts and ideas more so than their art itself): Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst
Musicians (I have a hundreds of musical artists I enjoy, but here are a few): Tori Amos, Tool, Bishop Briggs, K.Flay, Grandson, Stromae