Shadows Before Dawn: The Silent Transformation of Youth

Innocence of dawn meets the complexity of twilight

I grew up too early, responsibilities were like knives
Pointing upwards in my fate, I must avoid the blades.
Voices like minefields, with a clumsy gait,
Each step was heavy, in the early morning shades.

I wore the years like garments, far too large to fit,
Stitched with threads of duty, hemmed with grit.
Childhood’s echoes turned to whispers, bit by bit,
As time’s swift currents forced me to admit.

The playgrounds turned to battlegrounds without consent,
Laughter drowned by the march of solemn events.
Dreams once vivid, now shadows, quietly bent,
Under the weight of premature intents.

With every sunrise, a silent plea for respite,
In every sunset, the world’s burdens I write.
Yet, through the trials, a flicker of light,
Hope’s gentle touch, in the heart’s quiet site.

For in the forge of hardship, character is made,
And from the pressure, diamonds are arrayed.
So, I walk on, through sunshine and shade,
A soul aged in youth, but never dismayed.