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    A Journey Through Learning and Lightheartedness

    Growing Up Disabled The ABCs, those seemingly innocent symbols of language mastery, played coy with me. They were like mischievous sprites, rearranging themselves into confusing patterns whenever my gaze lingered too long. Every attempt to corral them into neat rows on my notebook resulted in a whimsical dance of letters, a choreography that only my eyes seemed unable to follow. The class would erupt in laughter as my sentences, intended to be orderly prose, meandered across the page like rebellious rebels avoiding capture. Numbers on the chalkboard, those elusive entities that seemed to possess a secret language, became my own enigmatic puzzle. While my classmates effortlessly deciphered the mathematical code,…

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    I Contemplate The Gods

    I beseech the Gods, their response remains unclear, In their enigmatic silence, do they hold me dear? Perhaps their intention lies in making me grow, In the trials they bestow, my inner strength may show. Their elusive presence, a riddle I embrace, In their absence, I find courage to face the chase. As I navigate the labyrinth of tests they set in place, My spirit’s growth, a journey of boundless grace. Do they listen to my pleas, or do they merely watch, In their mystical ways, they shape me, notch by notch. Through their cosmic quiet, I seek a path untrod, In the depths of uncertainty, I find the light…

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    Beautifully Orchestrated Chaos

    My Love is… An overwhelming force, a tempest of emotions that sweeps me off my feet and carries me into uncharted territories of affection. I love with a fervor that knows no bounds, pouring my heart and soul into every gesture, every word, every moment shared. My love is a symphony of exuberance, an orchestra of passion that echoes through every fiber of my being. I’m not one to tiptoe around my feelings; I dive headfirst into the sea of emotions, splashing waves of affection onto those fortunate enough to be in my orbit. I love hard, with an intensity that can both exhilarate and perhaps intimidate. My enthusiasm knows…

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    My Own Ai Art Mixed With GIMP

    I have been blending my art pieces together on Midjourney to see the types of results I get. There is a feature that is called, “Blend” Where you take two images and the ai art merges the two images together into a new image. So, I have been taking two pieces of my art and merging them together to create a different piece of art. I think this will be a better way of creating my art, already with existing art. I am also putting the art into GIMP(photo-manipulation software) to change lighting, color, and any weird-ites that the ai art art generates.

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  • Paper Art

    Letting Go

    “Letting Go”Colored pencil8.5″ x 11″Alyssa Deabenderfer2023 Woman with a serious and somewhat apathetic expression, but there are some subtleties in her facial features that add to the overall mood of the piece. In particular, the woman’s intense stare draws the viewer in, creating a sense of intimacy and connection. Her eyes are rendered in a way that suggests deep contemplation and a hint of sadness, adding a layer of emotional depth to the piece. The woman’s lips, while not a prominent feature, are also noteworthy for their subtle, almost imperceptible curve. This small detail adds to the sense of detachment and resignation conveyed by the overall composition.

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    Reflecting On The Past Year: A Gift To Myself

    As I reflect on the past year, I can’t help but feel grateful for making it through the struggles and hardships. The year was filled with unexpected challenges, from personal to professional, and there were times when it felt like I wouldn’t make it through. But here I am, still standing, still creating, and still pursuing my passion for art. And as a gift to myself for all the hard work and perseverance, I decided to invest in something that will help me capture my art even better. I have always been passionate about visual arts, whether it be drawing, painting, or photography. Capturing moments and expressions through a lens…

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