Alyssa Deabenderfer’s artwork is deeply personal and emotional, characterized by bold, expressive vivid, contrasting colors. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and inner struggles, as well as from the natural world and the complex interplay between the self and the world around us.

Her artwork often explores themes of identity, transformation, and the complexity of human emotion. She is interested in exploring the relationship between the inner world of the self and the external world, and her works often reflect this tension.
The range of mediums, from painting to drawing to digital art. Her drawing techniques are particularly noteworthy for their expressive and emotive quality, as well as their ability to capture the intricacies and complexities of the human experience.
Alyssa’s expressionist style is marked by a fluidity and spontaneity that captures the intensity of her emotions and experiences. She is unafraid to take risks, and her work often reflects this willingness to push boundaries and challenge conventions. Her artwork is notable for its emotional resonance and authenticity. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and inner struggles, using her artwork as a means of exploring and expressing her own emotional landscape. Her work often reflects a deep sensitivity to the complexities of the human experience, and a commitment to capturing the emotional essence of her subjects in a way that is both honest and empathetic.

What Inspires Alyssa?

Alyssa draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including her personal experiences, the natural world, and the complexity of the human psyche. When it comes to drawing and sketching, she is particularly interested in exploring the expressive potential of line and form, and in capturing the emotional essence of her subjects in a way that is both raw and honest.
One of the major themes that inspires Alyssa’s drawing and sketching is the concept of transformation. She is fascinated by the idea of personal growth and evolution, and often uses her sketches and drawings as a means of exploring this theme. Her loose, freehand style allows her to capture the dynamic and fluid nature of transformation, while her use of bold, fluid lines and vibrant, contrasting colors suggests a sense of energy and movement.

The People That Have Helped Along The Way

Partner of 14 years, K
Mom and dad, step parents; Kath & Bruce, brother & sisters; Michael, Hanna, Carrie and Tristan, cousins(too many to name) aunts, and uncles; Kathy, Terry, Betsy
My friends and mentors: Susan(Trinity), Robyn, Tim, Amanda, Sara, Sarah, Hilary, Mr. Vinton, and Mr. Krecota

Visual artists (current) : Gin Lizzy, Yofukuro, Hera Herakut, Anna Tsvell
Visual artists (past): Klimt, Schiele, Vincent Van Gogh, Francis Bacon
Visual artists (their concepts and ideas more so than their art itself): Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst
Musicians (I have a hundreds of musical artists I enjoy, but here are a few): Tori Amos, Tool, Bishop Briggs, K.Flay, Grandson, Stromae