Alysssa Deabenderfer
Uh-lis-uh Dee-bin-dur-fur

About Me
I am Alyssa Dawn Deabenderfer, an artist driven by an unwavering passion for conveying the essence of self-expression, the intimacy of portraits, and the whimsy found in cartoons. In my artistic endeavors, I wield pencils, acrylic paints, and watercolors, employing expressive lines and a vibrant palette to breathe life into my creations. My goal is to artfully capture the kaleidoscope of human emotions, navigating the terrain of joy, sorrow, and the nuanced landscapes that lie in between.

Artistic Ethos: Alyssa’s art is a symphony of her innermost feelings and the external universe. She finds beauty in nature and is deeply influenced by the delicate balance between one’s inner self and the vast world outside. Her artistry, characterized by its expressive dynamism, captures the fervor of her feelings and life experiences. Alyssa is a trailblazer, often venturing beyond traditional norms to give her art a unique voice.

Muses and Motivations: From the complexities of the human mind to the wonders of nature, Alyssa finds inspiration everywhere. Her sketches and drawings, imbued with raw emotion, often explore themes of personal metamorphosis and growth. The concept of change and evolution is a recurring motif in her work.

Pillars of Support: Alyssa’s journey has been enriched by the unwavering support of her loved ones. Her life partner, K. Kyra, her immediate family, and a circle of friends and mentors have been her anchors. Artistically, she is inspired by a plethora of visual artists. Names like Klimt, Schiele, Vincent van Gogh, and Francis Bacon have left an indelible mark on her creative psyche.

Alyssa Deabenderfer’s artistic journey is a beautiful blend of her life’s experiences, emotions, and inspirations. Her website,, is a testament to an artist who is inextricably intertwined with her past, her passions, and the inspirations she draws from legendary artists.