Image of a chain linked fence, the foreground slum-like while the center of the chain shows a beautiful sail boat coasting in the sunset
Digital Art

Vacation Trip In My Mind. Digital. 2021

“Vacation Trip In My Mind” Digital. 2021

This piece I wanted to create the foreground as a slum-like atmosphere with the center being something that was dream-like. But you commonly see vacation places where it is beautiful, but on the side it is not a pleasant place. Staring at it makes me wonder if it is like our own minds, we have to focus on the important parts in our lives, even if we are, or were, surrounded by poverty and negativity.

This was inspiration from a post on Tumblr, that gave me inspiration to create a piece of my own.

Thank you to the creators of the photography. I love to photo-manipulate images and make them into something else that is beautiful.

Image resources:
Photography by Mo from Pexels
Photography by Dalesthetics from Pexels