Sunflower In A Vase

“Sunflower In A Vase”
Pencil on Paper
Alyssa Deabenderfer

“Sunflower in a Vase” by Alyssa Deabenderfer features a single sunflower that dominates the drawing with its large, round shape. The sunflower is rendered in a stylized way, with thick, bold lines that give it a sense of weight and presence.

This stylization is reminiscent of the work of Vincent Van Gogh, who was famous for his own series of sunflower paintings. Van Gogh’s sunflowers are known for their bold, bright colors and thick, textured brushstrokes. While Deabenderfer’s piece is done in graphite and paper, the influence of Van Gogh can still be seen in the bold lines and stylized shapes of the sunflower.

In Van Gogh’s paintings, the sunflowers are often arranged in a vase, much like the one in Deabenderfer’s piece. The vase in “Sunflower in a Vase” is simple and understated, allowing the sunflower to be the focal point of the painting.

Overall, “Sunflower in a Vase” is a beautiful homage to the work of Vincent Van Gogh, with its stylized sunflower and simple vase. The use of bold lines and a scratching appearance give the piece a sense of depth and texture, making it a stunning example of Deabenderfer’s skill as an artist.