Self Reflection With Still Life

Self-Reflection with Still Life: Alyssa Deabenderfer’s Photography

Alyssa Deabenderfer’s artistic talents extend beyond drawing and painting. Her passion for self-reflection and still life is also captured through her photography. In her photographs, Alyssa beautifully captures the everyday objects around her, turning them into art.

Alyssa’s photographs are often characterized by their simplicity, clean lines, and focus on the beauty of everyday objects. She uses natural lighting to highlight the textures and details of her subjects, creating a sense of depth and realism in her images. Her photographs of household items such as vases, glasses, and books are a testament to her keen eye for detail and her ability to transform mundane objects into art.

One notable aspect of Alyssa’s photography is her use of color. She often plays with contrasting colors, creating striking and visually captivating images. Her use of color is not only visually pleasing but also creates an emotional connection with the viewer, inviting them to engage with the objects in the photograph.

Another defining feature of Alyssa’s photography is her use of composition. Her photographs are carefully composed, balancing negative space and using the rule of thirds to create visual interest. She often frames her subjects in a way that draws the viewer’s eye to a specific detail or area of the photograph, creating a sense of movement and depth.

In addition to her skillful use of composition and color, Alyssa’s photography also highlights her ability to capture emotion and mood in her images. Her photographs are often intimate and personal, reflecting her own self-reflection and inner world.

Overall, Alyssa Deabenderfer’s photography is a beautiful representation of her artistic style and her passion for self-reflection and still life. Her use of natural lighting, color, and composition creates stunning images that transform everyday objects into works of art. Her photographs invite us to look closer at the world around us and appreciate the beauty that exists in the simple things.

“Stressful Day” Alyssa Deabenderfer. 2022.
“Floating In The Tub After A Long Day” Alyssa Deabenderfer 2022.
“I Think I’ve Had Enough” Alyssa Deabenderfer 2022.
“Last Piece of Hope” Alyssa Deabenderferf 2022.