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My Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence Art, and Discussing Thoughts on “In The Garden of My Mind, We Were Still Together”

Dalle-2 Alyssa Deabenderfer 2022

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligent Art

Dalle 2 has been one of the most influential artificial intelligent(ai) text prompts of its time. I have tried numerous other ai text prompts. I will only give my opinion on the technology. I am not sponsored to say these words. Compared to the other ai text prompt art, it gives a more authentic, raw, humanistic style to most of the art that I have created.

The most popular ai text prompt that most people know, it creates extraordinary, beautiful, intricate art. But, I find myself thinking; yes it is beautiful art. But is it authentic? Is it truly expressing the images in a way that represents specific artists style. That represents them. My brain, kind of says, no not really. Then parts of the mind think, well maybe it does. It is just the trend and style at the time that they all start to look the same. In my discovery of going into Discord and seeing what other people are creating. Lots of catch phrases such as; “extremely beautiful, symmetrical, very pretty” might be what is causing all the art to look the same.

We fall down into this void of, ‘if it doesn’t look as beautiful as possible, no one is going to like it’ I guess as we see the influencers, and people that make tons of money from just physical appearance. Would start to cause this uncertain feeling of not being liked, which generates this type of generic art. Yes, it is beautiful. But where is the line drawn where something is just a replica, and something that is art?

Artist Influences

I haven’t talked much about what art styles I like, and what I don’t like. In actuality, I am influenced significantly influenced by music for the most part. Which doesn’t delve into imagery and visual art. But I find myself inspired by the sounds, and get visualizations in my mind when I listen to music. Think it is called, synesthesia. Someways I find myself influenced by Salvador Dali. Not in a way that inspires me based off his work. But in the way that he was able to dig into his subconscious and pull out beautiful intricate pieces of art. He would start to drift off to sleep, and wake himself up, and recall his imagery in his mind of what the experienced[1]. That was a good deal of what I was doing as child to create pieces of art, before I even learned about Salvador Dali methods of creating art. Haven’t gotten to experiment with creative imagery recently.

Final Thoughts On “In The Garden In My Mind, We Were Together”

There was a piece of art I created a few years ago, that was a 3D piece of art on stretched canvas. It had a bunch of eye balls coming out of flowers, and it was in a vase sitting on a table. Still pondering the ideas when I was using Dalle-2. This was a series continued on that piece. When Dalle generated this ideas of my art. It kind of had me thinking. It almost gave me a reminiscence of what it felt like to have the bond of friendship I used to have with relatives and friends. Slowly over time the relationship grows apart. But in my mind, it was still beautiful, sometimes; I want it to stay that way forever. Think the way this image generated was rather relatable, and it seems others are relate to it as well. Hope the people that I love, even when I’m not talking to them daily, or even yearly. In my mind, they are still beautiful to me, and I treasure those memories forever.

[1] Salvador Dali’s Creative Thinking Technique