Paper Art

Male Portrait 2023

“Male Portrait 2023”
Pencil and Paper
Alyssa Deabenderfer

“Male Portrait 2023” by Alyssa Deabenderfer is a stunning pencil drawing that captures the essence of a male subject with striking detail and nuance. The portrait is executed in a realistic style, with great attention paid to the subject’s features and expression.

One of the most striking elements of the portrait is the subject’s closed mouth. This small detail adds a sense of mystery and introspection to the portrait, as if the subject is deep in thought or contemplation. The closed mouth also draws the viewer’s attention to the subject’s other features, such as the penetrating eyes and the slight facial hair.

Speaking of the facial hair, the subject’s stubble is another noteworthy element of the portrait. The rough, scratching detail of the stubble gives it a sense of texture and movement, adding to the realism of the drawing. The play of light and shadow on the stubble is also expertly executed, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality.

The subject’s expression is overall one of quiet introspection. The closed mouth, combined with the slight furrow of the brow, gives the portrait a sense of gravity and seriousness. The eyes are also expertly shaded, conveying a sense of depth and intensity that draws the viewer in.

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